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Andy S.

My wife and I both work full time and want our children to be looked after in a clean, friendly environment. Creative Minds Learning Center is just that. We especially appreciate their Faith-based curriculum. The staff is fantastic and friendly. They are patient with the children and really help them to learn. Our oldest daughter was still being potty-trained while going here and the staff didn’t miss a beat with the rhythm we built up at home. We also like the fact that for the younger children, they keep a daily log that goes home that tracks their feeding and diaper changes; so we feel like even though we aren’t there, we get that extra piece of mind that they are being taken care of as if they were home. They also give little updates on the logs of their activities and progress throughout the day, which is very much appreciated. We can’t imagine our daughters going anywhere else.

  • Calendar icon February 24, 2014
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