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School Age

School-age all day at the center, before and after school

School-Age Daily Curriculum 



Arrival, greeting of children and parents/guardians, arrangement of personal items, organization of medicine, health check, child centered activities, snack available, departure of before and after school age children Self-esteem, social development, responsibility.


Preparation for breakfast and breakfast Hygiene, manners, nutrition


Preparation for outdoor activities; outdoor activities, vigorous outdoor play, indoor play if weather does not permit outdoor activities. Large muscle, social development, sensory, discovery, problem solving.


Circle time; stories, songs, games, weather, numbers, letters, words, social studies, sharing, science. Social development, self-control, listening, cognitive development, math, science, numbers, letters, social studies, literacy, weather, art, literacy.


Wash hands and face for lunch Hygiene


Eat lunch, wash hands and face Nutrition, manners, hygiene.


Rest time Rest and relaxation


Quiet activities; not all areas open Social development, cognitive development, small muscle, creativity, communication, literacy.


Child centered project work, snacks available Discovery, problem solving, math, science, art, creativity, responsibility, independence, self-expression, literacy, nutrition


Outdoor activities; re-entry of before and after school age children, outdoor play if weather permits. Large muscle, social development, sensory, discovery, problem solving, self-expression.


Homework or special child centered projects and events, preparation for departure Discovery, problem solving, math, science, literacy, language, social studies


  • Toileting will occur as often as needed throughout the day.
  • Snacks will be provided in the morning and afternoon for children to eat when hungry.

Supplies Needed for your children:

All children are required to have a pair of tennis shoes or closed toe and closed back shoe that can be worn outside. These can be left at the center for your child to change into. A change of clothes in case of accidents, messy projects, or spills is also required.

Preschool: Parents are required to bring all items needed for their child. Which may include but is not limited too- pull-ups, underwear, clothing, food for the meals your child/ren will be at the center, and any special food items. Creative Minds Learning Center LLC will provide items for Breakfast, Lunch and Snack that are required by the State of Ohio Child and Adult Care Food Program that parents fail to provide for their child/ren. Please see “medications” for instruction if your child requires specialty foods.


Parents/guardians will be required to provide a healthy lunch according to each child’s age group schedule.  A list of the daily breakfast and snacks required for each age group will be posted in the entrance. Creative Minds Learning Center will provide water,milk, juice (to replace fruit), vegetables and required breakfast and afternoon snack for all age groups.

Creative Minds Learning Center will provide a time for a healthy  breakfast between 7:30 am and 8:300 am, lunch between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm and an afternoon snack between 3:00 and 3:30pm.  Each classroom will be assigned a ½ hour for each meal. Please check with your child’s teacher or the Center Director for your child’s meal times. A list of the daily meals and snacks requirements for each child’s age group will be posted in Creative Minds Learning Center entrance.

All meals are family style, with the children sitting at tables, to promote good manners, eating habits and socialization skills.  Staff will encourage children to eat all of the food groups served.

Creative Minds Learning Center curriculum focuses on developing healthy, well-balanced eating habits.  Therefore, parents/guardians are required to provide a full, healthy lunch for their children each day they are in attendance.  Lunches should include a sandwich (or main entrée item), fruit and vegetable, and a drink.