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Class Assignments

Children are assigned to individual rooms based on many factors, such as chronological age, cognitive, social, emotional development and classroom makeup. The Center Director determines these room assignments with input from the parents and classroom teachers.


Creative Minds Learning Centers age groups are:

Infants – Birth to 18 months

Our infant program is planned to meet the unique and individual needs of each infant by providing a comfortable, nurturing environment in which each infant receives love, security, encouragement, respect, and activities that promote cognitive, physical, emotional and social development for each infant at his/her own rate in his/her own way.

Toddlers – 18 months to 3 years

Our toddler rooms are influenced by the philosophy of many developmentally appropriate theorists including Maria Montessori and the Reggio Emila program. “Follow the child” which offers a prepared environment in which the child directed curriculum allows the children to individually choose the activities in which they are interested. Activities that promote gross motor, fine motor, literacy, music, art, dramatic play and sensory development are available throughout the day.

Preschool – 3 years

In order to become a lifelong learner, children must interact with their physical and social environments and interpret their experiences of them. Classroom structure and curriculum take into account the developmental stage of each child. Our center firmly believes in the guidelines established by the National Association for the Education of the Young Child for Best Practice and implements them into your child’s daily activities. We also are familiar with the Ohio Content Standards for kindergarten and incorporate those standards into your child’s day.

Preschool – 4 and 5 years of age

Teachers pay close attention to the interests of the children, capitalizing upon that interest to build a well-rounded program that addresses all areas of learning. An emphasis on literacy skills is woven through each activity. Our teachers seek to make use of your child’s natural desire to gain knowledge and their large capacity for curiosity and amazement.

School age – any children that would be permitted to attend Kindergarten through age 14

Creative Minds Learning Center LLC promotes an environment that encourages children to be lifelong learners. Teachers act as guides, facilitators with expectations, as they plan for and implement experiences from which children construct meaning with increasing depth and complexity. Each child is valued as a learner, teacher and classmate. Children not only need to learn about living, working, and playing together, they need to learn by living, working, and playing together. Developing a sense of community and of social responsibility are recurring themes in our classrooms.

It is our hope at Creative Minds Learning Center to provide experiences for your children that helps them;

Learn to relate, participate and care

Learn to live full, healthy lives

Learn to create purposeful futures

Learn to act ethically

Learn to learn

Learn to think, know and understand